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A flat fee sponsoring platform for
open-source projects based on git metrics

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On the Shoulders of Giants

Without open-source software, your software project would not exist
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Our Mission

«Open-Source contributors should be able to make a living with open source software»

For a flat fee of $125/year, sponsor any open-source projects. Show your supported projects badge.

Earn money if your open-source project is sponsored. All you need is a public git repository.

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Why Sponsoring?

Sponsoring a project gives incentives to its maintainers to add features, fix bugs, and security patches. Sponsoring puts social pressure and expectations onto a project. Sponsoring provides incentives to keep the project active and healthy.

Why FlatFeeStack?

Donation services such as Open Collective, Patreon, or Github Sponsors are great to sponsor a dedicated person or a whole projects. FlatFeeStack distributes the funds according to git metrics. For $125/year, you can sponsor as many project you like with one click.
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Which Projects Should your Company Sponsor?

All of them! Moreover, delegate the task of sponsoring projects to your engineers. They know best what to sponsor. FlatFeeStack supports seats, which makes your accounting happy, due to the predictable sponsoring amount. Your sponsor badge will show all the projects your company is passionate about.

Why Crypto Currencies?

Payin with credit card, payout with crypto currencies. With crypto currencies, the payout is without restrictions and anyone can receive funding. It took Github two years to get the license for Iran. These restrictions do not apply to crypto currencies. We chose crypto currency based on: (1) energy-friendly, (2) popularity, (3) decentralization.
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